Have you said these today?

I started this year with a particular request on my mind, then as the year has gone by, I’ve added 2 more items to the list of my request.

And although, I have prayed and I know God has heard…but as we all know, that window between when God has answered our prayer and when we see the manifestation could be wide…

The waiting time can be very trying..however, we are expected to be in a thankful mode, during this time (which most times I am and even just for everything in General).

Needless to say, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak is sometimes my case being the human that I am

Thankfully, God says his Grace is sufficient for me and his strength is made perfect in my weakness.

All these to say that I have had days when I’ve been blue on the subject matter…and other days I’ve been bright.

Lately though..I’ve been more blue than bright on the matter.

But you know what…God has a way of reminding us of what’s more important and what’s more astonishing is that he sometimes uses the most unlikely source to tell us.

So, there is this person that sends me bizarre videos on WhatsApp…I didn’t even save the person’s number. The person got my phone number as a result of a work related issue, after which the person has held on to my number.

Anyway, this person after seeing I have ignored previous messages stopped sending me messages on WhatsApp for months now…so imagine my surprise when I saw a video message from the number! I almost deleted it chugging the idea of the video to one of those random messages…but I felt a nudge to at least check the video out.

Lo and behold…it was this beautiful song below and I believe God used this person to remind to be thankful and not be focused on those things I’m thinking I want or need!

It has touched me deeply today..and I thought to share the video too.

So, Have you thanked God for the little things God has given you or are you laser focused on what you are expecting to get from God that you are yet to see?

Be reminded by this beautiful song in this video about what truly is more important!

Video credit: Harmony in heartland


Hey there!! I'm a wife, a mom of 4 beautiful kids! ...I'm a christian and i'm a Nurse by profession...but i loove to have fun! I enjoy trying new recipies, i love fashion, photography, writing, art and craft, and so much more! Come with me on this journey and lets have fun together!!😍😍😍

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